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Prior to Sammie arriving at Global Programs, the office rarely leveraged data in a meaningful way and because of that the organization was not nearly as efficient as it could be. 

This all changed when the office decided to hire Sammie. Sammie is approachable, collaborative and intelligent. Upon arrival, Sammie was able to not only help the organization by organizing and leveraging the data we had but she was able to collaborate with colleagues across all four global units. 

Going above and beyond is in Sammie’s nature. Not only did she organize years of data for our office, she also held workshops for our colleagues and was always available to help pull together a last minute presentation or lend a helping hand. Sammie always had time to teach our colleagues about the data they had and how they could turn data into actionable strategies.  

As I’ve progressed in my career, one of the things I truly value is relying on people to get a job done correctly and accurately. With Sammie not only did she get the job done correctly but she was always a pleasure to work with. 


Sammie did a fast and high quality job, helping us analyze our customer data. Her suggestions for more effective data management and analysis have been extremely helpful.


As Investor Relations Director, I often had factsheets, reports, research or outlying important pieces of the puzzle I couldn't complete without Sammie's assistance.  Even when something wasn't strictly Data Analysis she was always willing, always extremely supportive and an amazing asset to myself and the broader team.


Her communication, organisation and management skills are superior - she can always be counted on to project manage and execute to the highest standards.  When it comes to her Data Analyst talent, she's thorough, doesn't leave a stone unturned and is undeterred should something initially evade her, she will search, research and enquire during the discovery process, until she arrives at her end goal.


Among her notable skills, her ability to work under pressure with grace, her decision making, self-motivation, adaptability, creativity and team work makes Sammie someone you want to work with again and again.


I also learnt so much from her, she has the teacher archetype, so when in need of understanding anything from simple to complex she was always keen, kind and patient.


She's a rare gem.  I loved working with her.

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